Dec 31, 2016

bersama family tercinta

Happy bila bersama family Tercinta
Celebrate besday adik yg jatuh esok sempena Happy New Year
Happy Birthday adik ❤❤
Semoga adik dimurahkan rezki 
Cemerlang gemilang dunia dan akhirat.Amen#mukaxmakeup😀



Dec 29, 2016

Journey To Korea

Memories 2016 @ Korea 🇰🇷💕
✈️ Kul - Icn (7hours)  #December2016

Part i:

Arrived ICN Airport, everyone rush to Toilet. Remember to bring bottle/wet tissues. 
Then straight away to claim luggage, walk and transfer by train(jgn risau masuk je ikot je org2 tu) then we need to pass the immigration first,after that u can see your luggage. So easy~

Depart to Petite france by bus.

•  Petite France 
Takes 1h40m+ from Incheon airport.  This place famous for shooting. Such as My Love From The Star,Running Man. For me this place similar to Bukit Tinggi Malaysia, small yet just nice to snap a pictures. 

•Nami Island
From Petite France only takes 15min to arrived here. We need to take boat (10min) to transfer to Nami Island. This place so big. Walking? If u don't have any plans on that day yes u can choose walked around the island. But I suggest u guys take a tram (3000won) or rent bicycle. Namira very muslim friendly. They provide (surau) very comfortable ✨✨. But far from entrances above cafe they put sign so don't worry. *Must visit & i need to repeat visit here hahaha

•Delphino Resort
Our accommodation, so beautiful the view so stunning. The room so big & comfortable. Have convenience store at ground floor, wifi only strong at the Lobby, at night we go down to the lobby & transformed to Alaska people (lazy outfit) just to connect with wifi. Hahaha. (Time ni sejuk yaa amatt). This resort provide delicious Breakfast wee ~~

🌡3c (day) | -10c (night) 

〰Cont Part ii soon. 
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Nanti kalo rajin kty update day by day 
#alhamdullilah #koreaondecember2016 #winterinkorea


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Dec 26, 2016