Mar 11, 2011

Important Note for my daughter

She was plump when she arrived,
Came out smiling, she’s smiling still,
In an instant, changed my world,
She’s beautiful, my baby girl.
 I were pretty young that time ,
And couldn’t see the future yet,
But we both knew that things had changed,
Our priorities were rearranged.

I used to think that boys came first,
But little girls can steal your heart
in ways I never would have believed.
She entered in and changed my mind & my life
I never understood the words
of those who said, “It goes so fast”.
Seventeen years  have passed

And now I’m telling others that.
You can’t hold on and slow it down,
Never to come back again.
But I know she loves me very much,
A love that I would never trade
for anything this life could bring,

I guard it with each passing day.
And someday probably all too soon,
The cycle will repeat again,
I am so proud of who she is,
Her beauty is so very deep,
She shines her light on this dark world,
My dear baby girl

My one and only baby girl!
Study hard , don't play-play 



sweethOneY said...

olor2.. comelnyaaa dah 17 pun baby girl lagi. hihi

NzA said...

dengar tu kakak nasihat mama...don't play2 ok..

EpoLღKunang2 said...

Comel anak akak.. ^^

PuRpLeLiCiOUs LoVe said...

penuh mendalam kata2 akak tue semua...touching sangat...

Eye_nee said...

kakak listen carefuly yer dont play2...mama make poem for u..very the touching and so sweet...hehe

ieda said...

mendalam sungguh kata2 tu atty .. anak dara atty dah besar ya .. waa seronok .. tanggungjawab lebih besar kan org tua2 cakap kalau ada anak dara yg besar panjang nie .. :)

be a gud girl kakak .. :))

nabilah_2908 said...

birtday dia ke hari ni..? :)

jom ke APA KATA HATI pulak,

eLLy said...

akak pun nak pesan benda yg sama gak!! Study hard , don't play-play !!!

Ati Masrif said...

pandai bergaya ...

anak dara atty

wahida said...

kakak, belajar sungguh2 tau...jgn notti2!!

liwaniel said...

comel anak kty

Cik Wanie Ghani said...

rindu sama kakak,
bilalah dpt jumpa kak tty dan kakak kan,
rindu sgt2 sama korang:(

atty's said...


dia sorg je girl.jadi baby ler lagi ..hihihihiihi

atty's said...


harap akak dgr ler pesanan mama nie

atty's said...


comey mcm mama dia kan

atty's said...

@PuRpLeLiCiOUs LoVe

kty baca balik pun touching tau

atty's said...


itulah harap akak baca..dia baca ..sbb kty paksa baca.

atty's said...


memang susah jaga anak dara nie

atty's said...


tak ler ..saje je ..

atty's said...


dgr tu kak..kak elly ko pesan..

atty's said...

@Ati Masrif

budak2 skrg ati..mmg advance

atty's said...


thanks ida

atty's said...


comey cam mama dia kan ..wahahhahha

atty's said...

@Cik Wanie Ghani

we ols pun rindu sangat sama wanie.